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Limits to Growth

Club of Rome: Limits to Growth

Club of Rome's "Predicament Of Mankind" Project 1972

The Club of Rome was founded in April 1968 by Aurelio Peccei, an Italian industrialist, and Alexander King, Director-General for Scientific Affairs at the OECD [Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development]. It was formed when a small international group of people from the fields of academia, civil society, diplomacy, and industry met at Villa Farnesina in Rome.

In 1970, Peccei's vision was laid out in a document... entitled, The Predicament of Mankind; Quest for Structured Responses to Growing Worldwide Complexities and Uncertainties

Club of Rome stimulated considerable public attention with
[its] report [titled]:
The Limits to Growth. Published in 1972, its computer simulations suggested that economic growth could not continue indefinitely because of resource depletion... The report went on to sell 30 million copies in more than 30 languages, making it the best-selling environmental book in history…

An interdisciplinary team at Sussex University's Science Policy Research Unit reviewed the structure and assumptions of the models used
[in The Limits to Growth book] and published its finding in Models of Doom [1973]; showing that the forecasts of the world's future are very sensitive to a few unduly pessimistic key assumptions. The Sussex scientists also claim that the Dennis Meadows et al. methods, data, and predictions are faulty, that their world models (and their
Malthusian bias) do not accurately reflect reality...

Quoted from Source:
Club of Rome on Wikipedia

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The Limits to Growth 1972 The First Global Revolution 1991 Reinventing Prosperity 2016

Club of Rome's "The First Global Revolution" book 1991

In 1991, the club published The First Global Revolution. It analyses the problems of humanity, calling these collectively... the "problematique". It notes that, historically, social or political unity has commonly been motivated by enemies in common: "The need for enemies seems to be a common historical factor. Some states have striven to overcome domestic failure and internal contradictions by blaming external enemies... Bring the divided nation together to face an outside enemy, either a real one, or else one invented for the purpose... In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill. In their totality and their interactions these phenomena do constitute a common threat which must be confronted by everyone together. But in designating these dangers as the enemy, we fall into the trap... namely mistaking symptoms for causes. All these dangers are caused by human intervention in natural processes, and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy then is humanity itself." ~ Alexander King & Bertrand Schneider

Club of Rome's "Reinventing Prosperity" booklet 2016

Club of Rome garnered "serious criticism" in 2016 after promoting the idea of a one-child policy for industrialized countries, in its pamphlet titled Reinventing Prosperity. With PhD Reiner Klingholz, stating of the Club's pamphlet, "this is pure nonsense", as acting chairman of the Berlin Institute for Population and Development, an institute focused on sustainable development, citing the stable replacement rate of 2.1 [children per couple] not being met in Europe, at that time standing "already as low as 1.5"

Quoted from Source:
Club of Rome on Wikipedia

Dennis Meadows Interview (2017)
co-author of Club of Rome's Limits To Growth

Dennis Meadows was director of the Club of Rome's "Predicament Of Mankind" project at MIT (1970 - 1972), which constructed the world model The Limits to Growth publication was based on. Dennis Meadows co-authored the book with his wife Donella H. Meadows, Jørgen Randers, and William W. Behrens III

Resources: The Limits to Growth on Wikipedia

Aurelio Peccei   Alexander King   Dennis Meadows

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