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Clade X: A Pandemic Exercise

Clade X: Bioweapon Virus Pandemic Simulation

2018: Clade X was a tabletop pandemic simulation conducted on 15th May by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. In the simulation, Clade X was a genetically engineered bioweapon virus, released globally by a group calling themselves: “A Brighter Dawn”. The aim was population reduction...

A Brighter Dawn was established in the 1990s in the United States. The group’s stated purpose was to slow and eventually reverse the degradation of the planet that was occurring from overpopulation... The group’s activities were uniformly peaceful at that time and included lecture and discussion sessions, grassroots activism, and outreach... 2010... An extreme faction in ABD felt that direct action was needed to achieve the “reset” or “paradigm shift” that would be required... A charismatic leader assumed leadership, and he worked closely with about 25 other ABD members in the group who had bioscience training, including virologists... ABD’s R&D team consisted primarily of ideologically aligned scientists, some of whom held advanced degrees. Several PhD-level scientists were responsible for various aspects of the bioweapons program, which included molecular and classical microbiology, aerobiology, and testing and evaluation... They set up a sophisticated life science laboratory with commercially available equipment and focused on developing a biological weapon that would have a global impact... The splinter group’s funding came from members, like-minded private donors, and involvement in illicit activities. A Brighter Dawn did not register as a threat for law enforcement and intelligence agencies. ABD’s spin-off and subsequent weapons development efforts went unnoticed until they claimed credit on social media for the Clade X attacks...

. The simulated Clade X virus pandemic resulted in 900 million deaths

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